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Profile of Zhenhai Jiaochuan Academy of Ningbo
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Zhenhai Jiaochuan Academy of Ningbo, founded in 1998, is a joint-stock private middle school and wins very high social influence and reputation throughout Ningbo and Zhejiang Province. The school is located in the northern district of Ningbo Higher Education Zone, and covers an area of more than 250 mu with spectacular and elegant architectural style. In 2018, there are 43 classes and 1885 students in its junior high school and 25 classes and 1003 students in its senior high school.


校园风景Campus Scenery

书院以精细化管理为切入口,坚持德育为先,积极实践“轻负高效”的教学模式,全面实施创新教育,不断丰富文体艺术教育。学生在校生活丰富多彩,明礼讲堂、模拟法庭、shopping day、民俗灯展、语言文化大赛、十佳歌手大赛等文化活动拓展学生视野,提升综合实践能力;集体舞大赛、合唱比赛、班级音乐会、千人太极、晨间瑜伽等每月一场的大型体艺活动,让每个学生都能找到施展才华、发展爱好的平台。

By implementing refined management, the academy adheres to the principal of moral education first and actively practices the teaching model of “high quality with light burden”. It fully implements innovative education and constantly enriches the education of culture, sports and art. Students have a rich and colorful school life here. Cultural activities like “Lecture of Etiquette”, “Moot Court”, “Shopping Day”, “Folk Lantern Show”, “Language and Culture Competition” and “Top Ten Singers Competition” expand students' vision and promote their comprehensive practical abilities. Besides, the academy holds a monthly big sports and art event, including “Collective Dance Competition”, “Chorus Competition”, “Class Concert”, “One Thousand People Tai Chi”, “Morning Yoga” and so on, which provides a platform for every student to exploit their talents and develop interests.


The graduates from the academy are widely acclaimed for their excellent comprehensive quality and sufficient development potential, thus winning the favor of higher schools. In addition, the academy students have won many awards in all kinds of competitions, such as the National Olympiad in Informatics, the Nationwide Mathematic League Match in Junior High School, the Natural Science Competition in Zhejiang Province, the Computer Programming Contest among Primary and Middle School Students in Ningbo, the English Ability Competition among Junior Middle School Students in Ningbo, the Model Plane Competition among Middle School Students in Ningbo.... In recent years, major breakthroughs have also been made in characteristic sports projects like aerobics, board games(chess, Chinese chess, go), shooting, traditional Chinese internal boxing, table tennis, swimming and so on.

集体舞大赛Collective Dance Competition

千人太极One Thousand People Tai Ch

健美操队 School Aerobics Team

元宵花灯展 Festive Lantern Show

校园辩论赛 Campus Debate Contes

射击队School Shooting Team


During the summer vacation of 2011, the school choir went to Hong Kong and took part in the tribute song gala for celebrating the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland as well as the 3rd charming school chorus performance, leaving sweet memories on the river bank of Xiangjiang River. In addition, we organize students to join the English summer camp in America, Britain and other countries, and recommend outstanding students to study in Singapore at public expenses, all of which strengthen the students’ consciousness of being the citizens of the world.


In the future, we will abide by the principle of "all based on students' all-round development" and set the goal of cultivating contemporary middle school students who are physically and mentally healthy, have solid foundation of knowledge and are willing to learn and good at learning. Meanwhile, they should also be modest, elegant, thankful, self-confident and self-reliant and equipped with the ability of sustainable development. In a word, the academy will make full efforts to be the first-class private middle school in Zhejiang Province.




Add:Yifu St.Zhuangshi,Zhenhai,Ningbo,Zhejiang


Contact Person:Ms Wu Xueting,Mr Ding Xiaojun

联系电话((Tel):+86 0574-86685208,86682770


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