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Central and Eastern Europe "Think Tank" Promotes Hi-tech Projects in Ningbo
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On June 11, 2018, Ningbo---CEEC High-level Scientific and Technological Talents Cooperation Seminar were hold in Ningbo. 19 Middle Eastern and European high technology talents from Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries were present.

 A series of high-tech projects attracted the attention of investors, covering new energy sources, 3D printing, automation equipment, food storage management. "Our piling machines, which applies rocket engine technology, can be used in more difficult situations, increasing the efficiency by nearly 15 percent." Mikhailov, CEO of GBM in Bulgaria, said there would be a huge market for this project and he hoped to work with Ningbo.

 In addition, officials from the Slovak National University of Jilina, the Bulgarian National Sofia University of Science and Technology, the Serbian University of Belgrade, and other central and eastern European universities are also actively seeking cooperation with the universities and colleges of Ningbo to strengthen the communication with Ningbo in the fields of electronic engine, transportation, biology and so on

It was informed that Ningbo Innovation Center, Ningbo Haichuang Science and Technology Park, Zhejiang Wanli University recommended Ningbo's healthy investment environment and preferential policies to the high-level talents from Central and Eastern Europe and invited them to start a business in Ningbo.

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